Downgrade thresholds

How many Commercial Real Estate listings can I downgrade?

Your downgrades threshold is visible on the Home page of Agent Admin .

When a listing has been upgraded by your ‘upgrade all’ agreement, you have 48 hours to change or downgrade your listing’s upgrade level or duration.

Under an ‘All’ agreement, all listings will automatically be upgraded to the relevant level (Gold/Platinum/Platinum Extend) as per your agreement. However, there may be times when you have a listing which you or your vendor does not wish to upgrade. These listings’ products or upgrades may be downgraded within 48 hours of the listing being uploaded.

There is, however, a limit to how many listings you can cancel or downgrade each quarter which is based on how many listings you sent live the previous calendar quarter.

Agency level ‘upgrade all’ agreement Agent level 'upgrade all' agreement

This is where your office has an agreement in place where all new listings loaded to CRE are upgraded automatically, irrespective of who the agent is.

If you have an agency level All Agreements you will have a 30% quarterly downgrade threshold.

So, if your office had 10 new listings that were all upgraded in the last quarter, during the current quarter you will be able to downgrade 3 listings.


Quarterly downgrade thresholds are calculated separately for sale and lease All Agreements, so if you’ve only reached your threshold for your sale listings, then you'll only be able to downgrade Sale listings. If you want to downgrade any lease listings you’ll still need to reach your threshold for lease listings.


How can I see my current downgrades threshold?

Login to Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin and you'll see your downgrades threshold on the Home page under Your Downgrades.


If you have agent level All agreements you will see agent names under Your Downgrades.

To see the downgrade threshold for other agents, change the agent by clicking the dropdown menu.




Now you know how to check your downgrade threshold

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