Find a listing in Agent Admin

How can I search for a listing in Agent Admin?

Once you've logged into Agent Admin, click Listings then Sale, Lease or Sale or Lease.

We'll show you how to find listings in Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin.

  1. Login to Agent Admin. From top navigation menu click Listings then select the relevant stock list.


    Or, if you know the listing ID enter ID into search box top right and click Search.


  2. Click the listing ID to open the Listing Overview page.


    The default sort order is suburb name alphabetical. If you have a huge stock list, you can click CTRL+F (win) or Command+F (mac) to find the listing, or sort the listings by clicking the heading of each column. Usually, the most useful columns to sort by are Agent, Created (date listing was created), and Modified (date listing was last updated)



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