Set up 'Agency Options' and 'Property Requests'

I want to set 'Agency Options' and 'Property Requests'

You can set Agency Options page and Property Requests by logging in to Agent Admin and clicking Options from the Agency menu.

Let's take a look at the Agency Options page and Property Requests and show how you can update the settings and options.


Property Requests are currently out of service however are planned to be re-released in the near future.

Property searchers are able to submit Property Requests to relevant agencies.

A user will complete a form online to indicate they are looking for a particular property type in certain suburbs and may specify other variable attributes such as price range, features, etc.

When a property searcher submits a Property Request it will be sent to agencies with matching suburbs selected in their ‘Coverage Areas’ on the Agency Options page.

Follow these steps to update your Agency Options.

  1. Navigate to Agency Options page

    Login to CRE Agent Admin. From top navigation menu click Agency then click Options


  2. Select Agency Options

    Select from the following options then click Save Changes at bottom of page.


  3. Select Agents

    Select which agents you want to receive these enquiries from the drop-down menu, click Add To Recipients then click Save Changes at bottom of page


    The drop-down list will only show agents that have already been entered in the Agent List.

    The email will go to the 'General Enquires' email address entered in the Agency Details page, as well as any agents entered in this section.

  4. Coverage

    Select which areas you would like to receive property request enquiries from.

    From the drop-down list select the State and Area and click Add. Click Save Changes at the bottom.


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