Add a new user login to Agent Admin

I want to add a new user login to Agent Admin

Great idea! Let’s take a look at how you can use the Add Admin function in Domain and Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin to add a new agent login to your agency’s account.

  1. Login to Agent Admin. From top navigation menu click Agency then Agent List.


  2. Scroll down to Login Info and click Add an Admin.

    If your login has a tick under Can buy products you will be able to add other users with the same access level or lower. You will have access to book upgrades and other products and also be able to edit and remove logins.

    If your login has Can login to this agency (Domain Agent) you will only be able to add other users with the same access level. You will not be able to edit or remove logins.


    To arrange ‘Can buy products’ access, email your Domain Group Account Manager and copy in your Principal.

  3. Enter the new agent’s name and email address.
    - Select Log in to this agency (or they won’t be able to log in)
    - Select Buy listing products for your colleague to have permission to purchase upgrades and advertising products, and to edit other agents.


    If selecting Buy listing products make sure that this person is authorised within your office to book and purchase advertising products.


    A ‘One Time Pin’ (OTP) verification code will be sent to your linked device.


  4. Enter the verification code and click Submit Code. This must be done within two minutes of receiving the code.


    You will see this confirmation.


  5. The colleague that you have invited will receive a Welcome email. Click the Click here to setup your account button.


 All Done!

Once your colleague has setup their account and their 2FA they will be able to login to Agent Admin.


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