Update agents contact details via Agent Admin

How can I update an agents contact details?

To update an agent's name Contact Domain Group Support via the Support icon. You can update your contact details via Agent Admin in the the Agent List.

We'll show you how to update agent’s details on Commercial Real Estate.


Contact support  for name changes

To update an agents name you must first contact Commercial Real Estate Support. The agent's name can only be changed in agent admin by Domain Group support.


Avoid agents duplicating


For CRM users, Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin is designed so that if we receive a listing and the agent's Name, Phone or Email are different to what we already have in the Agent List, a new profile will be created for that agent. Even if the details are slightly different.

This is to allow for when agents need to have different profiles for the same agent.
This does not include agent settings, image, profile text, video, social links, etc.

See this article for more details: Update agents contact details using CRM


Update phone/email in Agent Admin

  1. Login to Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin. Click Agent List from the Agency menu.



  2. Click the Edit icon for the agent you'd like to update.



  3. Make changes to contact details (Phone or Email).

  4. Click Authorise & Publish (bottom of page).

    Note: The agent's name can only be changed by Domain Support. 


  5. You will receive a text message with a security code on your linked phone. Enter the security code and click Verify.


  6. The Authorise & Publish button will now show Published.



 All done!

Your listings will now be updated with the agent's updated details.

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If you need further assistance from our Support Team contact us via the Support icon during business hours.

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