Unwanted enquiries or spam via listing enquiries

How can I stop unwanted enquiries, spam or malicious emails via CRE?

Let's take a further look at unwanted enquiries or spam via Commercial Real Estate listing enquiries.

As an agent, you will receive enquiries on listings that are advertised on commercialrealestate.com.au.

A property searcher can visit your listings on commercialrealestate.com.au, and send an enquiry without having to login, sign up or validate their email address.

This process has been designed to allow users to enquire on your listings in the most efficient and convenient way possible.

The vast majority of enquiries you receive will be legitimate enquiries from interested users, however, there will be a small percentage of unwanted enquiries either from a spambot or from an inappropriate property searcher, or you may have been targeted by a malicious person.

Offensive EnquiriesMalicious/Phishing EmailsSpam
Preventing unwanted enquiries from inappropriate individuals would not be feasible, as it would require all users to log in or validate their email address.

To do this would cause a significant decrease in the number of enquiries you receive, and still would not guarantee a user is logging in with their real email address, as it only takes a few minutes to create a new email address.

If you are receiving unwanted or offensive enquires, please advise Domain Group Support via the Support icon and we shall ‘block’ that email from sending any further email enquiries.

Bear in mind that it only takes a few minutes for a motivated pest to create a new email address.

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