Using the Export Live Listings Report

How do I use the Export Live Listings Report?

You can run the Export Live Listings report from the Reports tab in Agent Admin.

Let's take a look at the Export Live Listings report.

The Export Live Listings Report gives a brief overview of live listings and is used to give you visibility of:

  • When listings will expire 
  • Which listings have an upgrade 
  • When upgrade product is going to expire 
  • Number of enquiries received on listings WITHIN THE DATE RANGE OF THE REPORT.
  • Pageviews and impressions WITHIN THE DATE RANGE OF THE REPORT.

Follow these steps to run the report:

  1. Login to Commercial Real Estate agent admin. From the top navigation menu, click Reports then Export Live Listings.

  2. Enter a date range or select a period from drop-down menu. Click Export to CSV

  3. When prompted, save file to your computer > open file in Excel



    It could take some time for this report to run if you have a huge number of listings or during high traffic periods, such as Monday mornings.

  4. Open the file that you just downloaded to see the report.
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