Listings not uploading or updating

Our listings are not uploading or updating

Has it been more than 2 hours since you made the change? Then we may need to investigate for you. Contact Domain Group support via the Support icon for assitance.


Avoid delays and disruptions:

Contact your CRM representative and ask if they have integrated with the Domain Public API. Loading listings via the public API system means that your listings will be live much quicker, and will rarely be affected by delays caused by high traffic or damaged files.

Using the public API is far more reliable. Cases of system failure are very rare and resolution times are much quicker when there are issues.

You will also be able to take advantage of a host of other features only available when your CRM is integrated with the Domain Public API. Ask your CRM to see this article for more information: CRM’s wishing to integrate with Domain public API

When you create a new listing or update an existing listing, it usually takes 10 - 20 minutes for the listing to be processed. During high-traffic periods, or if there has been a disruption, listings can take up to 2 hours to be processed.

If you have uploaded or updated a listing, and it’s taken more than 2 hours for this to be visible, please contact Domain Support via the Support icon to report the issue.

Delays can occur if we are receiving a large volume of listing files from other agents or CRM’s.

Occasionally, a CRM may send a file that does not conform to our guidelines, which causes disruption to our file processors, resulting in severe delays.

FYI - We have many systems to prevent issues and delays occurring to help ensure timely updates, so when these alerts come through to us automatically we will work toward resolving these as soon as they arise.

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If you need further assistance from our Support Team contact us via the Support icon during business hours.

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