Upgrade a Commercial Real Estate listing

How can I upgrade a Commercial Real Estate listing?

Once you've logged in to Agent Admin, open your listing from the stock list then select Upgrade Listing and click Apply.

Listing upgrades can be booked casually via Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin. We'll show you how.

Do I have access to book upgrades?
  1. To see if you have access to book upgrades:

    Login to Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin. From top navigation menu click Agency then Agent List.

  2. Scroll down to Login Info


    If your login has a tick under Can buy Products this means you will have access to book upgrades and other products.

    To arrange access, you must email your Commercial Real Estate Account Manager and copy your Principal.


Upgrade a listing

Follow the steps below to upgrade a listing.

  1. Find your listing in Agent Admin and open the Listing Overview page.
  2. In the marketing section, click Buy for the product or you'd like to purchase.


  3. Check the correct upgrade product has been selected.

  4. Select the start date and duration. If booking a free Silver upgrade, select Silver, set the Duration to 6 weeks and select Free upgrade.

  5. Enter a purchase order # (optional).

  6. Agree to T&C’s.

  7. Click Upgrade listing.

    Note: Prices shown in images are examples only and do not reflect the rates you may be charged.

 All done.

Once the listing is booked you will see this confirmation screen. Click Agent Admin to return.



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