Free silver upgrade for commercial property listings

How can I book a free silver upgrade for my listings?

You can book a free silver upgrade by logging in to Agent Admin and clicking View Bookings in the Branded Subscription box on the home page.

Clients on a commercial property Branded Subscription (not ‘Basic’ subscription) are entitled to 5 x free 6-week Silvers per month!

Agencies eligible for free silver bookings will see a Branded Subscription tile displayed on their Commercial Real Estate agent admin home page.

Follow these steps to see how many upgrades you're entitled to, and how to book free upgrades!

How many free Silver upgrades am I entitled to?

  1. Login to Commercial Real Estate agent admin. On the home page, there is a Branded Subscription box.
    The counter shows how many Silver Listings are available.


  2. Click View Bookings if you would like to see which listings have already redeemed free silver upgrades.



Redeem a free Silver upgrade

To redeem a free Silver upgrade, manually upgrade your listing to Silver MAKING SURE TO SELECT THE 'FREE UPGRADE' OPTION.

  1. Follow these steps to upgrade a listing: Upgrade a Commercial Real Estate listing

  2. When you get to the confirmation screen, set the Duration to 6 weeks and select Free upgrade.

  3. Agree to the T&C's and click Upgrade listing.




    You have successfully redeemed a free Silver listing upgrade. You will see this confirmation.






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