Set up 'Agency Coverage' suburbs and property types

How can I set my 'Agency Coverage' suburbs and property types?

You can set Agency Coverage by logging in to Agent Admin and clicking Coverage from the Agency menu.

Let's look at how to set your 'coverage' suburbs and property types so that you will be listed when users search for an agency.

Every Commercial Real Estate agency can have up to 10 ‘coverage’ suburbs and 5 'property types' applied to their account.

When a user searches ‘Agency Search’ on our website, the results will appear according to suburbs that are entered in the agencies’ coverage suburbs page.

The agencies listed in the search results are in order of which agencies have the most platinum/gold listings.

When the results have appeared, the searcher can filter agencies by property type. These results will be according to the previously set suburb and the property types entered in the agencies’ property type coverage.


There is also a Coverage section on the 'Agency Options' page which is not related to the suburbs listed on the 'Coverage' page. The 'Agency Options' Coverage areas are relevant to when users submit Property Requests.


How to set your 'coverage' suburbs and property types

How To Set Coverage Suburb
  1. Log in to CRE agent admin.
  2. From top navigation menu click Agency then click Coverage


  3. At the bottom of the Coverage section click in the space to the left of the Add Suburb button


  4. Start typing the suburb you wish to add > Select suburb from the list > Click Add Suburb


    The suburb will now be added to your ‘coverage’ and your agency will be listed any time a user searches for an agency in that suburb.



How To Set Property Type Coverage
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Coverage page and you will see the Property Type Coverage section.

  2. Click the Select drop-down menu 


  3. Select a property type


  4. Click Add property type


    This will allow your agency to be found when users search for agencies specialising in particular types of commercial properties.


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