Upload agent photo to your agent profile

How can I add a photo to my agent/broker profile?

You can upload or update your agent photo via your Agent Profile screen, which can be accessed via the Agent List in Agent Admin.

We'll show you how to upload an agent’s image.


An agent’s image can only be loaded manually via Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin. Images loaded via a CRM cannot be processed.

Agent images will be displayed on a listings details page, and on listings in search results for Platinum, Gold and Silver listings.

They will also appear on Property Alerts, Single Listing Performance Reports and other marketing material.

Follow the steps below to upload an agent's image to their Commercial Real Estate agent profile.


  1. Login to Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin. Click the menu button, then click Agency then Agent List from the side menu.


  2. Click the Edit icon next the agent to open their profile.



    Be cautious not to make any changes to the agent’s contact details. Agent Admin uses these details to match listings to this agent.

  3. Click Change Photo. Select the image from your computer and click Open.


  4. Drag to re-position and the image and use the slider to zoom in or out. Click Save below the image then click Authorise & Publish in the bottom left corner.


  5. You will receive a text message with a security code on your linked phone. Enter the security code and click Verify.


  6. The Authorise & Publish button now says Published. Click View My Profile to see how your profile looks. Click Exit Profile to go back to your agent list.



Your agent image has now been loaded and will take up to 24 hours to update site-wide.


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