Receiving enquiries on old listings

Why do I still receive enquiries on old listings?

This happens quite often. Here's why agents may still receive enquiries on sold/leased/archived listings.


If you have received an enquiry on an old listing, it doesn't mean that your listing is still live or searchable.

It is possible for property searchers to send enquiries on sold/leased/archived listings if they have the listing saved to their shortlist or saved searches on Commercial Real Estate, bookmarked on their browser, or otherwise saved to their device.

If your listing is still live, there may have been a technical error at the time your listing was removed via your CRM preventing us from receiving or processing the removal of the listing. You can remove listings manually via Agent Admin. See these articles for more details:

Archive and delete listings
Change a listing to Sold/Leased

 Most people like them

Once a listing has been removed, there are several factors that may drive the searcher to continue making enquiries, and these enquiries are considered valuable to many agents.

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