Duplicate listings

Why do we have duplicate listings?

Duplicate listings are most often caused by the CRM listing ID changing after it has been loaded to CRE.

Here are the most common reasons why listings duplicate and how to remove duplicate listings when they occur.

The vast majority of duplicate listing instances are due to a change being made to the CRM listing ID.

When a listing is created using a listing CRM, the CRM system will give the listing an ID number. This appears in listings in the ‘Your Reference’ field.


Every listing published on Domain/Commercial Real Estate via a CRM has two IDs, the CRM ID and the Domain ID.

When a listing is being processed our processor looks at the Agency ID and the CRM ID. If the processor cannot find a listing with that CRM ID, under that agency, it is treated as a new listing.

If the processor can find a listing with that CRM ID, under that agency, it updates that listing as per the details in the feed.

So, if we have a live listing with CRM ID “1234” and for some reason, the next update (for that listing) has CRM ID “5678” a duplicate listing will be published, instead of updating the current listing.

How Do I Remove Duplicates?
Listings can’t be merged.

If you have duplicate listings, the best way to remove the unwanted listing is via your CRM. If your CRM confirms that the duplicate listing no longer exists, then you can remove the listing manually via agent admin.

If the listing is removed via agent admin and it still exists within your CRM, it will reappear as a duplicate listing again and may incur additional charges.

See this article for more on how to remove commercial listings via Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin.
It Happens All The Time!
If you are frequently experiencing this issue or any others, click the Support icon to contact Domain Group Support.

We are always willing to work closely with our CRM partners to ensure any ongoing issues are resolved, and also investigate further to make sure there are no Domain or Commercial Real Estate issues causing duplicates.
It Only Happens With Domain/Commercial Real Estate Listings
Every website is created using different code and has different spec requirements. When you create your listing in your CRM, your CRM translates the information to be understood by each of the different websites or portals it feeds to. In some instances, your CRM may be feeding everything correctly to all portals except one, so the issue will only occur on that one portal.
Common Issue With Commercial Listings
Quite often a commercial listing will be created as Commercial Sale or Lease. It is then either sold or leased, but it's still available as only Commercial Sale or only Commercial Lease and is updated it accordingly by the agency.

The problem is although your CRM may allow listings to change from one channel to another, Domain/Commercial Real Estate doesn't support this change. Our listings can't be changed from Sale to Lease or vice-versa.

You must remove the original listing and create a new listing in the correct channel.

If this is done via your CRM it will create a new listing and leave the old listing live and visible on site. Once this happens it can only be removed manually via Agent Admin.

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