Listing not appearing in Google searches

Why can't I find my property on Google?

Your listing's property details page may not have been indexed by Google just yet.

Let's discuss listings not appearing in Google searches when you have Google searched an address.

 At Domain Group we are always working on improving the Google ranking for listings on Domain and Commercial Real Estate.

If you have Google searched your address but can’t find the Commercial Real Estate listing, it may be that the page has not yet been indexed by Google. It can take some time for new pages to be recognised by Google, and there are many other factors for why it may not show up on page 1 of Google.

Search engine optimisation is very complicated to outline in a single article, however, from monitoring our analytics, we know that, overall, listings on Domain and Commercial Real Estate are ranking well in Google searches. Due to a number of factors outside our control, we can’t guarantee that all listings will appear on page 1 of Google when searching your address.

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