What are the different sections of a Commercial Real Estate SLP report?

What are the different sections of a Commercial Real Estate SLP report?

Let's take a closer look at the different elements and sections of your Commercial Real Estate Single Listing Performance report.

Property and Agency Information

Provides top-level information for the listing
Summarises campaign history (i.e last three upgrades)
You can also click “Upgrade Listing” to book an upgrade in Agent Admin.

Agency contact details pulled from agent admin
Link to agent profile on commercialrealestate.com.au
Agent branding (if applicable)


Campaign Performance

Provides totals for each item of performance
Displays Impressions and Views on a graph along with upgrades
Note: There should be an obvious correlation between upgrade periods and product performance

The number of times your ad has been displayed across Nine Publishing (not just Commercial Real Estate)

The number of times the property details page has been viewed.

The volume of interaction with your listing content eg: photos, floor plans, map.

Save & Shares
The number of times your listing was shortlisted or shared

The number of times someone has enquired about the property



The graph shows how many impressions and views occurred by day, and if any upgrades were applied at the time.

Hover mouse over chart to see results for each day


Platform Distribution

Shows the devices used by users viewing that property on the Commercial Real Estate responsive website
Mobile’ also includes views from the Commercial Real Estate iPhone app.



Campaign Breakdown

Includes breakdown of all website events
Aligns with RealCommercial reporting wherever possible
Contains Commercial Real Estate specific events that are not relevant to RCA (eg. Platinum, toggle, news impressions)



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