Has a Commercial Real Estate listing has been upgraded?

How do I know if a Commercial Real Estate listing has been upgraded?

Here's how you can confirm if a listing is currently upgraded or has any other marketing products applied.

You can check the listing in Commercial Real Estate agent admin to confirm whether or not any upgrades are currently active on a listing, and which type.


  1. Login to Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin. From top navigation menu click Listings then click Commercial Sale, Commercial Rent or Commercial Sale or Rent.


  2. Check your stock list. The 'Products' column on the right will show if any listings have active upgrades. Click on the listing ID in the left column to open the listing overview page.


  3. The  Marketing section in the bottom right will show any current or previous upgrades and marketing products. Click on the History link to see the booking details. In this example, that would be the Platinum History link.


  4. When you click History you will see the below page showing details of the booking.

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