Commercial Real Estate Brochure Builder

What is Brochure Builder and how does it work?

Brochure Builder is an interactive marketing tool that allows Commercial Real Estate agents to build branded flyers and marketing material using dynamic content pulled from Commercial Real Estate listings and Pricefinder data.

With just a few easy steps you can produce bespoke listing brochures across a variety of national and state-based Commercial Real Estate marketing solutions.

Commercial Real Estate Brochure Builder’s exclusive integration with Pricefinder and Domain data allows you to:

  • Prepare a brochure for any property in Australia using images from the Pricefinder database
  • Retrieve your Commercial Real Estate 'Live Listings' and upload them directly from your device
  • Use a stock imagery to create an exclusive brochure for your vendor


How do I setup and start using Commercial Real Estate Brochure Builder?

Before starting, make sure you have a user account with Commercial Real Estate or Domain in order to access Brochure Builder.

You can access Commercial Real Estate Brochure Builder here, or you can access the Brochure Builder at the bottom of Commercial Real Estate home page.


Don't have access to Agent Admin?

No worries, let's get you set up.
You will receive an 'invite' via email once requested, which will give you access to Brochure Builder. If you encounter an ‘Expired Link’ please contact Domain Group Support for further assistance.



A quick overview

  1. Settings: Here you can update agent’s details and settings (for Brochure Buider only).
  2. Change Agent: This is where you can switch to another agent within the office to prepare a brochure on their behalf.
  3. Available Brochures: See all brochures available for you to create.
  4. Your Brochures: Here you can see all brochures you have previously created and saved.
  5. Create Brochure: This is where it all starts. Click on the icons to create or preview a brochure.
  6. Take a tour: If your new to Brochure Builder, or it’s been a while, take a quick tour to get your bearings.
  7. Change: Here you can change the agency to create a brochure on behalf of a different agency or office.
  8. Logout: We all know what this will do.
  9. Help: Click on Help to see Brochure Builder FAQ’s
  10. Search by Name: If you know the name of a previously created brochure you can search for it here.



Start creating a new Brochure

Go to and scroll to the bottom of the home page. Click on Brochure Builder.


In the Select Agency box, start entering your agency name then select your agency from the list.


Click the Select Agent box, then select your agent from the list.



Click Select


Choose a brochure and click the icon next to Create Your New Brochure to start co-branding your brochure.


Name your brochure and click Create Brochure




Type in a property address then select the property from the list.


Select where you would like to get your images from:

My Listing Images shows your selected property images from your live listing on Commercial Real Estate.

Pricefinder Images shows your selected property images from Pricefinder.

Stock Images are a suite of images available for your use.

Uploaded Images allows you to import property images direct from your desktop or mobile device.



Click on the selected property image and click on the grey image area to place the image into the brochure, simple as that!


Scroll down the page making sure all the grey boxes have images in them. Make sure you get them all!


Select which Agent details you would like to show from the left side below the images.


Once you have finished you can click Save and download your brochure as a PDF, JPEG or listing, ready to show your vendors, then click Home




Edit, preview or download your brochures

Need to make a change? To edit, preview, duplicate or download an existing brochure, click on Your Brochures


Hover over the selected brochure and choose an option from the menu.



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