How long does it take for a listing to update on Commercial Real Estate?

When will my listing be live or update on Commercial Real Estate?

The short answer is 5 minutes - 1 hour.

We get it. You’ve loaded a new listing or updated an existing listing and can’t wait for the world (or your vendor) to see it.


The short answer is: 5 minutes - 1 hour.

Once a listing has been loaded or updated in Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin you should be able to see those updates live on the app or website within 5 minutes, however it could take up to 1 hour if we are experiencing high traffic or technical delays.

Don’t forget, this is once the listing has actually been loaded or updated in Agent Admin. If you’re using a listing CRM there will be some time from when you’ve updated your CRM to the time your CRM gets the information over to Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin.

If your listing has not loaded or updated after 1 hour see this article to learn more: Listings not appearing in Domain search results


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