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I have some questions about Social Boost

We’re glad you’re as excited about Social Boost as we are! We'll take a look at some of the most common questions about Social Boost, including:

    1. What is Social Boost?
    2. How Does Social Boost work?
    3. Is my Social Boost campaign live and working?

Social Boost combines the power of Domain Group data and Facebook's extensive reach. Domain Group's data allows us to target buyers with desirable demographic and behavioural profiles, which indicate an interest and intention to purchase property, and Facebook's audience will extend your campaign reach.

Social Boost's targeting balances a high-intent audience to maximise the number of times your ad is displayed and seen on Facebook.

Domain Group's data helps you to achieve the best result with Facebook’s reach.


You can have Social Boost booked casually for individual listings or you can also have a contract to book Social Boost for all new listings as they are sent live.

  1. Simply contact your Account Manager to book Social Boost for your upcoming listing.
  2. They’ll schedule your campaign for you.
  3. You’ll receive an email confirmation once your campaign goes live.

Let your Account Manager know if you’d like to set up Social Boost for all new listings.


To ensure your ad is booked successfully, please ensure the first image of your Commercial Real Estate listing has an acceptable watermark or logo.

Also note that our research shows that including a watermark or logo detract from user experience in a significant manner, so we recommend that all hero images used don't include any watermarks as it may have a negative impact on performance of the social boost campaign.


Once you have approved a campaign your Facebook ad will appear in placements across the Facebook network which may include (but not limited to) Facebook search results, newsfeed, marketplace and in-stream & in-feed video (Watch).

When someone searches for a property in a particular area on Commercial Real Estate, a Social Boost property in the same area will get advertised on that person’s Facebook feeds. In other words, we use social media to target active property seekers.

Your Social Boost ad will also be seen by groups that are determined as sharing similar characteristics to those with high-intent buyers.

We keep you up to date, so you can keep your vendor up to date. Our automated reporting goes straight to your inbox, so you can easily share the results, and the end of campaign report, with your vendor.

Your Account Manager will let you know when your campaign goes live and once your campaign is finished, and you’ll also get a personalised report which you can share with your Vendor as soon as the campaign is complete.

A Social Boost summary report is emailed to you at the conclusion of a Social Boost campaign. It provides an overview of the listing performance uplift as a result of the Social Boost campaign and the ad’s performance metrics. Included in the report is the option for you to share a link with your Vendors to view a responsive web version of this report specifically designed for you.

See this page for more info: Amplify your listings with Social Boost


Social Boost FAQ’s


My Social Boost campaign has not been scheduled or has not gone live.

The most common reasons for a Social Boost campaign not launching are:

  • For ‘SB-All’ bookings - it may still be in the 48 hour downgrade window
  • The search price or search price range fields price field was left blank when uploaded
  • An unacceptable logo or watermark was detected and no action was taken.
  • No agent details were found on the listing
I didn’t receive any confirmation email for my Social Boost campaign.
  • Check that your name and email address on the listing is correct.
  • For Social Boost-All campaigns, wait 48 hours.
  • Social Boost can only support one agent name.
Can I book a Social Boost campaign via Agent Admin?

For now, the only way to book Social Boost is via your Account Manager, who will set up and schedule the booking.
If you have a ‘Social Boost-All’ subscription set up, a campaign will be automatically scheduled for every new listing loaded to Commercial Real Estate.

I want to cancel or downgrade a Social Boost campaign.

You’ll need to contact your Account Manager or Domain Group Support within 48 hours of the listing going live to cancel a Social Boost campaign.

NOTE: If your Social Boost ad is scheduled on a Friday afternoon and is not downgraded before 5pm you will miss the 48hr downgrade window.

Can the hero image or heading copy be changed?

Hero images and ad copy can NOT be updated after the campaign has been scheduled.

The address is shown incorrectly.

Check the listing on Commercial Real Estate and in Agent Admin to ensure that the address is uploaded correctly. We cannot action manual updates once Social Boost has been booked.



How many people will see my Facebook ad?

Social Boost is highly targeted, and user groups are continuously changing so it’s not possible to know how many people will see your ad, as we don’t know how many people are currently searching for property in your area. Once your campaign has been completed, you will be able to see exactly how many people saw your ad, and how it benefited your overall campaign.

How can I see the results of my Social Boost campaign?

Once your Social Boost campaign has completed, you will receive an ‘Insights’ email showing your ads performance. You can also view your SLP report to see how your listing’s performance was improved by your Social Boost campaign.

How long after a Social Boost campaign is the Insights report sent?

An ‘Insights email’ will be sent after the campaign ends. It may take up to 36 hours once the campaign has ended.

My Social Boost performance increase wasn't very high.

This could be due to the overall high performance of the listing on Commercial Real Estate. There may have been other factors, such as upgrades or marketing products like Platinum Extend running at the same time that also increased the performance of the listing.

Check out the Market Comparison chart in the SLP report to compare the performance of your listing to other listings, and to the duration of the Social Boost campaign.


Images & Branding

What image will be used for Social Boost campaigns?

The first image loaded to the listing will be used for the Social Boost campaign.

Can the property image have watermarks or agency logo?

Yes, your property image can have a watermark or agency logo, but it must in accordance with our guidelines.


For casual bookings, Your Commercial Real Estate Account Manager will confirm which hero image for the listing is being uploaded.

How can I have one image for my listing and a different image for Social Boost?

If having different images on your Commercial Real Estate listings and Social Boost is essential, here’s what you can do:
1. When first uploading your listing make sure it has the image you want to use for Social Boost.
2. Once you’ve received a notification confirming the Social Boost listing has started you can update the first image on your Commercial Real Estate listing to a different image.

Will my Social Boost campaign have my agency’s branding?

To make the most of your advertising, Social Boost now offers the option to add your branding to all Social Boost campaigns.

Does SB support video?

The relaunched Social Boost does not support a video uploaded to the listing to be included in the campaign.



The agent image is not populated on the ad.

Check the listing in Agent Admin to make sure an agent has been loaded/selected.
If the listing doesn’t have an agent the SB campaign will go out without an agent or an agent’s image. This cannot be updated once the campaign has started.
Important to note, once the agent details have been updated, this will not flow through to live ad campaigns on Facebook.

Which agent will appear if there is more than one agent in a listing?

For now, only the primary (1st) agent on your Commercial Real Estate listing will be included in the ad post. You can check the listing in Agent Admin to see which agent this will be.

Can there be co-agents or conjunctional agents?

This functionality is not currently available for now. Only the primary agent’s details will be carried across.

Can I try squeezing two names into the Agent Name field?

Sorry, this won’t work. Changing the name of the primary agent to have two names will still not carry over to the ad copy - so this is not a work around that will work for you.


If you have any feedback about this article please let us know in the comments.
If you need further assistance from our Support Team contact us via the Support icon during business hours.

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