Create a new agent profile in Agent Admin

How can I add a new agent or broker profile via Agent Admin?

You can add new agents to your agency via the Agent List in Agent Admin.

We'll show you how to add a new team member or create a new agent in Agent Admin, and then complete the agent’s profile.

If using a listing CRM, it's best to add new agents via your CRM system to prevent duplicate agent profiles

If you'd like to create a new agent using your CRM see this article for more details.


  1. Login to Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin. Click the menu button, then click Agency then Agent List from the side menu.


  2. Click Add Agent



  3. On the next page enter your agent's name, contact details, position (optional) and category.

    Click Change photo to upload your image from your computer. See this article to find out more about loading your photo: Upload an agent photo to profile


    The agents image can only be uploaded once the agent profile has been completed and saved.



    If you get 'Invalid Domain Name' error, you will need to contact Domain Group Support for further assistance.

  4. Enter your agent’s bio or description in the About section.



    Tips for increasing your online presence:

    When your Agent Profile description is unique, this supports search engine rankings, increasing your exposure in market. By investing your time in sharing original content with us, you can stand out in market and we can position your agent profile for long-term success.

    Share a 200-word description with the following:

    • Experience
    • Areas of expertise
    • Location
    • Services you can provide (skills, property type specialisation..)
    • Accomplishments & Awards
    • Statistics
    Did you know?

    Duplicated content may appear at the bottom of the search engine results, or may not appear in the search results at all.

  5. Enter your agent’s social links under the Social section. Make sure the include the https:// prefix on all links. Don’t add a video link - The video section is only visible as this page is shared with the Domain platform. Videos are currently inactive for Commercial Real Estate profiles.
  6. Select Profile page active.

    Important: If you don’t select Profile page active your profile will not be visible on Commercial Real

  7. Click Authorise and Publish.


  8. You will receive a text message with a security code on your linked phone. Enter the security code and click Verify.


  9. You will now see the Publish button has changed to Published. You can go back to your agent list by clicking Exit Profile


  10. Once you have saved this page you can go back to the top and add your image.

    Click Change photo.


All done! Now that you've created your profile, you may want to:

 Assign yourself to some listings

You can now assign yourself to listings. These updates will appear online within 24 hours.


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