Commercial Real Estate Agency Profile guide & FAQs

Commercial Real Estate Agency Profile guide & FAQs

This article gives an overview of Commercial Real Estate Agency Profile, how to complete and update your profile, and answers commonly asked questions about Agency Profiles.

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Your Agency Profile page is the page users will see when they are searching 'Agency Search'.

This is how a user would navigate to 'Agency Search' from Commercial Real Estate home page:


When a user enters Agency Search, they enter a suburb name or keyword (usually agency name) and are given a page of results which includes agencies with active listings in that suburb, and surrounding suburbs.



Each agency is represented by a ‘tile’ that provides agency branding, name, address, number of sold, leased and live listings, and buttons to call or email.

The order of the results is determined by calculating the number of upgraded listings and overall activity.

From the search results page, the user clicks on your agency and is taken to your profile page.




Once on the profile page the user can see:


(A) = Automatically populated by Commercial Real Estate

(M) = Manually input by agency

  1. Agency name and address (A)
  2. Link to agency website (A)
  3. Contact agency buttons (A)
  4. Property listing statistics (A)
  5. Agency description (M)
  6. Current listings (A)
  7. Team members (agents from Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin Agent List)
  8. Agency map location (A)




How is an Agency Profile created?
When your Commercial Real Estate account is first activated, your agency profile page is automatically created using the information provided from your agency details, your listings and your agents.

The details provided via when you first joined are used to populate the basic information that forms your profile page.

All you need to do is complete your profile by uploading your agency description.
How can I manage agents appearing in 'Our Team'?
By default, your Agency Profile will only show agents with live listings, in order of how many listings they are assigned to, with preference to sales listings. The order in which the agents appear cannot be changed.

Although there are settings in Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin agent list page to change the order of appearance, these settings only apply to Domain agency profile pages and will not change the order of agents or include agents without listings.
How can I change the agency branding colour applied to background of our logo?
The agency brand colours are usually the background colour of your logo, and are applied to your listings, search results, profile page, and various elements online and in-app.

When you submit your logo to Commercial Real Estate Group support, we will always set the agency brand colours as we upload your logos. However, if you ever wish to change the colour, this can be done via CRE Agent Admin using the steps in this article: I Want To Set The Colour Appearing Around Our Logo.
How do I publish or update agency description?
Your agency description or bio appears on your agency profile page, at the top. This is where you can place editorial content about your business.

To publish or update your agency profile description follow the steps in this article: I Want To Publish or Update Commercial Real Estate Agency Profile Description.

Can I update the image appearing on our profile?
All agency profiles show the same default image which can't be changed for now, however this may change in the future.
How can I update my agency website address?
Updating the agency website falls under ‘Change of Details’. Please contact your Commercial Real Estate Account Manager to assist with this.
Why are old photos still visible in Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin under ‘Agency Photos’?
In the past, this section was used to host a number of agency images to be used on various pages. This section is now obsolete, however, there are plans to use this section for future development. Don’t worry, no-one can see these externally.
How are agencies ranked in Agency Search search results?
Agents appear in searches based on the suburbs set in their ‘agency coverage’. The agencies listed in the search results are in order of which agencies have the most platinum/gold listings, preferencing sales listings.
How are agency statistics calculated?
All statistics are calculated using your property data from the last 12 months only. Average sale price is calculated from the sale price you have entered for your sold listings.

The listing must be marked as Sold and must be set to 'Display Sold Price' to be included in Average sale price and Total sales.

Average days on market calculates the average number of days from when the listing was first created to when the listing was set to Sold or Archived.

If a listing is left on Commercial Real Estate as 'Under Offer' this will increase the number of days on the market.
Can we hide the number of Sold listings?
Yes. Simply send an email to requesting to hide Sold listings.

This may be a better option for younger agencies that don't have many Sold listings.

Don't forget to let us know to display your Sold listings once you've made a number of sales.
Some of our agents are missing from 'Our Team'
Check to see if they have listings. If they do not have listings, and you would like them to still appear under 'Our Team' in your agency profile, make sure that you have selected to show 'All Agents' in Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin Agent List.

Check Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin to see if they have been added to your agent list. If you are using a listing CRM system to load your listings, you will create a new agent simply by loading a listing to CRE, including their contact details. This will create the agent’s profile with their contact details, however, you will need to login to CRE Agent Admin to upload their image. See this article for more details: I Want To Load A Commercial Real Estate Agent's Image.
Why are there duplicate agents in our agency profile?
If you are seeing agents duplicating on your agency profile page, this would be because they have duplicated in Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin. See this article for more details: Why Are Our Agents Duplicating?
Why are there agents without images?
Agent images cannot be loaded via your CRM, they must be uploaded manually via Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin. It could also be that there have previously been duplicate agents and their image was deleted when we merged the agent profiles. See this article for more details: Why Are Our Agents Duplicating?

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