Update a commercial listing that is already Sold or Leased?

Can I update a commercial listing that is already Sold or Leased?

Yes, you can update the Sold or Leased information in the Sold or Leased stock list in Agent Admin.

We'll show you how you can update sold or leased data on listings after they have already been set to Sold or Leased.


If listing was created via a CRM it’s best to update sold/leased data via your CRM. It’s generally OK to manually update Sold/Leased listing even if they have been uploaded via CRM, however, there is a possibility that we receive a subsequent update or refresh on Sold/Leased listings which will override any manual changes.

To update a commercial listing that already Sold or Leased, we must change the listing from Sold to Archived, then change it back to Sold with the updated info.


  1. Login to Commercial Real Estate Agent Admin. From top navigation menu click Listings menu select a stocklist.


  2. Click the Sold or Leased tab.

    Your Sold listings will appear in order of date sold or leased. You can use the headings at the top of each column to change the order of appearance, which might make it easier to find the listing you're looking for, or you may wish to do a Ctrl + F search.

    Once you've found your listing click the listing ID number.


  3. Select Archive from Select an Action drop-down menu and click Apply.


  4. Once the status has updated to Archived, select a Sold or Leased option from the Select an Action drop-down menu and click Apply.


  5. Enter the Sale/Lease Price and Date Sold/Leased. (If Leased enter the Lease Duration)

    Select Publish Sale/Lease price (price will be displayed) or Do not publicly disclose (sale price will be hidden)

    Click Save


     All done.


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