Downgrade a Commercial Real Estate listing

How do I downgrade, change or cancel a listing upgrade?

An automatically upgraded listing can be downgraded on a listing's Booking History screen in Agent Admin.

We’ll show you how to:

    1. Downgrade a listing
    2. Change a listings upgrade
    3. Change the duration of an upgrade
    4. Cancel or remove an upgrade

Listings' upgrade products can be cancelled within 48 hours only if the listing was automatically upgraded by an ‘Upgrade all’ contract.

Follow these steps to cancel or downgrade a listings upgrade product.

        1. Login to Commercial Real Estate agent admin. From top navigation menu click Listings, then click Commercial Sale, Commercial Lease or Commercial Sale or Lease


        2. Find listing in the stock list. In the 'Products' column on the right click on the upgrade summary.


        3. Click Change.

          The change button will only be active within the first 48 hours of your listing going live, and only if the listing has been upgraded by an ‘upgrade all’ contract (as opposed to being manually upgraded or as a casual booking).


        4. The upgrade level your listing currently has will be labelled as Current product. To downgrade your listing select (click) one of the lower ranking products to the right. You can also change the duration of your upgrade by clicking the number of weeks for that product.

          If you’re selecting a shorter duration, this will count towards your downgrade threshold. Eg; If your current upgrade is for 13 week Platinum you can change this to a 26 or 52 week Platinum that does not affect your downgrade threshold.

          To cancel a listings upgrade altogether select Silver.

          Note: You can also upgrade your product by selecting a higher ranking product to the left of your Current product, or by selecting a higher number of weeks under Duration.

          Select a product option, agree to the T&C’s then click Confirm booking.


        5. You will see this confirmation at the bottom of your screen.


           All done!

          Your listing has been successfully downgraded.


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