Commercial Real Estate upgrades, products and display advertising

What upgrades and display advertising products are available with Commercial Real Estate?

Let's take a look at listing upgrades and advertising products. Advertising products are available to both real-estate agents and general advertisers.

Listing upgrade details can be found here: Upgrade your listing

If you're a Real Estate Agent and would like to join Domain, and sign up for a subscription so that you can start listing properties, you can get started by completing the sign-up form on this page.

When a user searches for property on Commercial Real Estate, listings in the search results appear in a structured order. Agents can pay for upgrades to have their listings ranked higher. When listings have the same upgrades applied, listings are ranked according to price and date. The listing upgrade levels or tiers are Platinum Extend, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Branded.

If you are an agent and would like to enquire about any upgrades or advertising products, please contact your Account Manager. Your Account Manager will be able to provide accurate rates, and can establish a booking for you.

Non-real estate agency advertisers can book Display Banners, mRecs, half-page ads and Newsletter Banners by contacting Domain Group media sales team.

All agreements, subscription upgrades and Display Advertising products can only be discussed between an agency and their Account Manager.

Casual listing upgrades can be booked in Agent Admin by the agency if their agent admin login has access to ‘buy products’. This access needs to be approved by the agency’s Account Manager.

Top Spot and eBrochures are not available on Commercial Real Estate.


Listing Upgrade Products

There are four upgrade/depth products available for Commercial Real Estate listings. More details can be found here: Upgrade your listing

You can download a summary of our listing upgrade products here: Digital listings

In the search results listings will appear in this order:

Platinum Extend Listings

Platinum Extend is our top listing product that includes all of the features and benefits of a Platinum listing (see below), with additional exposure across Google and to enhance your commercial property marketing campaign.


Google Display Network (Banners)
An advertising solution that places your ads across the Google Display Network (including Nine's major mastheads) and uses Domain Group data to reach a qualified audience based on your listing.



Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Increase your listing’s visibility through this customised advertising solution which features a text based ad that moves to the top of Google search results. The keywords are automatically selected from a Google algorithm based on your Platinum listing.



Surrounding Suburbs Card
Your Platinum Extend listing will also appear within other search results pages in adjacent suburbs on as a sponsored listing. Up to 10 surrounding suburbs will feature your sponsored listing.

Platinum Listings

Platinum listings are featured above Gold, Silver, and Branded listings with extended reach for your campaign.

Platinum Listings Features:

  • Unlimited property photos in the search results
  • Larger and more prominent design in search results and property details page.
  • Enlarged map locator on the map search (desktop only)
  • Image carousel in search results
  • Links to agency profile page from search results
  • Individual Agent contact details on search results cards.
  • Increased character limit for the property description in search results
  • Additional exposure on the news site and other online channels
  • Featured in selected positions on Commercial Real Estate news pages, websites such as The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.


Search Results


Property Details page


Map Search. Platinum and Gold listings have enlarged map locators (desktop only).


Gold Listings

Gold listings are positioned in search results below Platinum listings and above Silver listings in the search results.

Gold listing features:

  • Larger and more prominent than silver and branded listings
  • Larger hero image. Up to 4 images in photo carousel in search results
  • Enlarged map locator (desktop only)
  • Larger agency branding than Silver listings.

Search Results


Property Details Page (same page for Gold, Silver and Branded)


Silver Listings
  • Positioned above Branded listings
  • Larger and more prominent than branded listings
  • Up to 2 property photos in the search results
  • Agency branding which is larger than Branded


Branded Listings
  • Display agency logo
  • Up to 2 property photos in the search results



Digital Add On Products

Audience Extension and Cost-Per-Click campaign packages will help you continue to reach audiences outside of the Commercial Real Estate environment. These products are available to all real estate agent and non real estate agent advertisers.

Social Boost

With Social Boost, you can engage with a new demographic of high interest, high-intent buyers, by finding audiences outside of the commercial property environment. Using the power of Domain Group data and Facebook's expansive reach, you can boost the accuracy and performance of your campaign. 

When someone searches for a property in a particular area on Commercial Real Estate, a Social Boost property in the same area will get advertised on that person’s Facebook news feed. In other words, we use social media to target active property seekers.

Your Social Boost ad will also be seen by groups that are determined as sharing similar characteristics to with high-intent buyers.

The post comes from "Commercial Real Estate Featured Properties" and is clearly marked as a "sponsored" post.
A 'Learn More' button appears in the post, linking the user to the listing on Domain.

The Social Boost post will display the hero image from the Platinum listing.cre-social-boost.png

More details can be found here: Social Boost

Audience Extension

Engage audiences outside the commercial property environment with our digital retargeting product, Audience Extension. Keep your listing or brand campaign top-of-mind as you follow your prospective customers as they explore other websites and social media channels.

  • Choose your campaign platform across the Premium Network, Facebook/Instagram or LinkedIn
  • Customise your audience leveraging Domain Group data, user behaviour and qualitative data.
  • Weekly campaign reporting

More details and specs can be found here: Audience Extension


A cost effective digital advertising solution to get your listing or brand campaign in front of prospective customers. Delivers a guaranteed number of clicks on your ad driving traffic to your listing on or desired website.

Cost-per-click offers State based geo-targeting for relevance and is available across more than 700 websites.

More details and specs can be found here: Cost-per-click

Unsure what product is right for your campaign?

Download a comparison flyer highlighting product differences and features of each product here: Which product should I choose?


Business For Sale

Silver Business Listings are the product of choice if you’re marketing businesses for sale.

Business for Sale membership is free, so there is no monthly subscription fee, however Silver Business Listings are on a pay-per-listing plan and have a 12 month duration.

Your listings package includes:

  • A $0 monthly subscription
  • Pay-per-List Plan
  • 12-month listing duration
  • New Silver Business listing cards

Business brokers have access to a dedicated profile page that showcases the number of businesses you have available on our site, along with recent listings. Your business profile page has a free text area to include your bio, so you can highlight your expertise and stand out in the marketplace. You can also connect with your customer with the functionality to link to your website and LinkedIn page. Your profile page can be created, edited and managed via Agent Admin.


Newsletter Banners

Newsletter Banners are also available to all real estate agent and non real estate agent advertisers.

  • Newsletter banners in daily and weekly newsletter
  • Morning Bulletin is published daily
  • Weekly Extra is published once per week on Thursday
  • Banners are sold as a national sponsorship
  • Only 1 banner per newsletter
  • Minimum booking period 2 weeks
  • Maximum booking period 4 weeks

Morning Bulletin


Weekly Extra


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